National Road Safety Mission

National Road Safety Mission -an initiative to create safer roads for the future!

Building a safer future starts with education.

  • Our Mission: Equipping children (Grades 1-8) with the knowledge and skills they need to navigate roads safely.
  • Our online program offers interactive modules, engaging activities, and life-saving skills development – all completely FREE!
  • Explore our website and join our mission to create safer roads for generations to come.

Why Road Safety?

Protect tiny pedestrians & future drivers! NRSM's fun road safety education goes beyond accidents. It empowers kids & builds a safer world for all.


Empowering kids with self-paced, age-specific road safety learning! Building knowledge and critical thinking for a lifetime of safety!

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About The Program

The NRSM program empowers children to be safe on the roads. Our interactive lessons teach them the skills they need to navigate as pedestrians, cyclists, and passengers. With fun activities and age-appropriate learning, NRSM helps kids become confident and responsible road users.


  • Aligns with UN SDGs for safety and education
  • Based on guidelines issued by the National Highway Authority of India (NHAI) and the Ministry of Road Transport & Highways (MORTH) initiatives
  • Reaches over 5 million students across 5,000+ schools
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The NRSM Program

The National Road Safety Mission (NRSM) is a program that equips children with the knowledge and skills to navigate roads safely. It uses a fun and engaging approach that incorporates age-appropriate activities, interactive videos, and hands-on exercises.

Empowering Children
Empowering Children

Empowering Children

NRSM teaches children the rules of the road, helps them develop safe habits, and builds their confidence as pedestrians, cyclists, and passengers.

Focus on Age approprieate learning
Focuses on Age-Appropriate Learning

Focuses on Age-Appropriate Learning

The program is designed specifically for different age groups, ensuring that the information is relevant and engaging for each child.

Utilizes interactive learning
Utilizes Interactive Learning Methods

Utilizes Interactive Learning Methods

NRSM goes beyond traditional lectures by incorporating interactive activities, videos, and games to keep children engaged and reinforce key concepts.

India faces a critical challenge in road safety.
But here's the good news: Change is possible.

NRSM can equip your child with the knowledge and skills to navigate roads safely. Our engaging program empowers them to become responsible road users, building a safer future for everyone.

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