National Road Safety Mission

About Us

About Us

National Road Safety Mission for Kids and Youth is an Initiative by Revati Devi Foundation (RDF) and Academia Axis to create safer roads in future.

The National Road Safety Mission for Kids & Youth cares deeply about the safety of children and the health of our planet. We know that the future of our roads belongs to the next generation, so we’re on a mission to empower them!

We work with leading organizations across India to bring a fun and informative program directly to K-12 classrooms. It’s more than just learning traffic rules – we want kids to understand how to be safe, responsible road users who care about the environment.

By teaching children these important skills today, we’re building a brighter future for everyone. A future where roads are safe for all, where everyone uses the road with kindness, and where our environment thrives. Join us in making this future a reality!

Our Mission

We dream of a future where India’s roads are safe for everyone. We want to empower all road users – drivers, pedestrians, cyclists – with the knowledge and skills they need to navigate safely and responsibly.

We’re committed to creating a positive experience for everyone on the road. This means reducing traffic congestion and pollution, making journeys calmer and less stressful. We believe a little patience and respect go a long way!

Our Vision

We envision a network of roads that are not just safe, but also environmentally friendly. We want to see a future where traffic flows smoothly and efficiently, contributing to cleaner air and a healthier planet.

We believe education plays a vital role. By teaching children and adults about road safety, we can create a generation of responsible citizens who prioritize safety and respect for the environment.

Together, we can make India’s roads a model for the world – a place where everyone feels safe, connected, and cared for.

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