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Road Safety Around the World: Sharing Global Best Practices


Road Safety Around the World: Sharing the Road, Sharing Success

Did you know? Over 1 million people worldwide die in road crashes every year. (WHO, 2023) Scary, right? But many countries are making roads safer! Let’s explore how!
  • Netherlands: The Netherlands loves bikes! They have special lanes and crossings just for bikes, keeping everyone safe. Plus, lots of bike paths make it easy to get around on two wheels.
  • Japan:  Japan prioritizes pedestrians. Busy crossings have special diagonal walks for faster crossing and less time in traffic. Drivers also learn to slow down for people on foot, and breaking the rules means big trouble!
  • South Korea: South Korea gets techy for safety.  Many new cars have features like automatic emergency braking that can stop a collision before it happens!
  • Sweden: Sweden wants ZERO road deaths! Their “Vision Zero” plan means everyone works together to make roads safer, all the time.
  • Ethiopia:  Ethiopia focuses on vulnerable users.  Campaigns target pedestrian safety and helmet use for motorcycle riders, keeping everyone safe.

By learning from each other, countries can make roads safer everywhere! Here’s what we learned:

  • Keep walkers and bikers safe in special areas.
  • Build safe roads with things like bike lanes and crossing signals.
  • Teach everyone, young and old, how to be safe on the road.
  • Follow the rules and drive carefully!
Road safety is a big problem, but we can solve it! By sharing ideas, learning from each other, and making safety a priority, we can create a world where everyone can travel safely.
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